Chotu tree short stories for children

Chotu tree short stories for children

Chotu tree


short stories for children

short stories for children, There was a boy in a village. The boy was very clever, he used to do all the work very quickly and he used to say everything to everyone. He used to call it Chhotu with love. Chhotu’s age was not much but Chhotu was very cute, one day Chhotu Look at the mango tree which was planted in the street of his village. The mango tree was very old but it was no longer common but the tree was still on the same


The people said that the tree was very old and people used to say that the tree has seen many generations before us, so people did not bite the tree, Chhotu went looking after that tree and went to his house and talked about that tree and Chhotu heard a story of how people are sitting in the tent of the tree and the tree is very old when Chhotu was listening to this story, then there came a thing in Chotu’s mind


Chhotu began to mangoes  tree in his village road next day and everyone was wondering what Chhotu was doing today and a man told this to Chotu’s father, after that Chotu’s father and many villages People came there and asked what you are doing,


When all the people came to Chotu, they asked what you are doing and then Chhotu told that many trees of mango will be placed here and when the tree grows up, then all people will sit in the tree and eat fruits of mango. They will be full of food and will make my life successful.


short stories for children, All the people smiled and said, ‘Chhotu taught us that no one has given it to us till today, perhaps this is the reason that Chhotu is all cute, If you liked this story then please share it further and tell us also.

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