chotu magic stories for kids

chotu magic stories for kids

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chotu magic stories for kids

magic stories for kids, magical stories in english, Children love to see magic One day a magician came to show his magic in the park, all the kids went to see the magic, the magician was showing his magic, all the kids were playing palpitations, the magician was very good It seemed that the children were like her magic.


Gradually many children came to that park. The magician thought that I should take advantage of myself, so he showed some magic to some children and made his magic on children to do some work, all the kids are now full of magic The effect was gone, the children went to their home and gave something similar to the wizard to the wizard,


Now the magician was very happy because all the children were saying that the magician’s influence was on the children, so the children had given equal status to their house and the magician did his job and went from that town to the children after the magician went All the effect was over.

The magician used to do the same everywhere and effected his magic by affecting all the children, after which the magician stopped and there was no one going to get away from that magician because the magician was for a long time Did not stop there


One day, the magician went to the town where Chotu was fighting for a name, Chhotu was very mischief, when the magician was showing his magic, then Chhotu also came there and started watching the magician’s magic, Chhotu took some time to spend the magic Seeing and seeing the magician’s similarity,


magic stories for kids, magical stories in english, While the magician was running his magic on all, Chotu did not have any magic of the magician, and after some time when the people came to know that the magician came, the people went to him and beat the magician a lot. Since then, the magician did not do any such work, all this happened due to Chhotu if children liked this story, then share it further and we also talk about it.

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