Boys village story in english

Boys village story in english

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Boys village story in english

village story in english, In a village, four boys of a man used to live four jobs and were running their own home but in some cases there was a quarrel with each other in that day that man saw that all my boys fought in each other. is


Now I have to explain to them that the quarrel does not solve any problem when the man went to those four and said that what is the problem that you are fighting with each other, then they said that we all go to the farm together But I do the most work, the rest do not do the rest, and in this way, all of them magnify their work and the work of others is always short


On this, his father said that it is not okay to do this, you all should work equally because our house will work by doing the work and if you do not work then we can have problems eating, but all four Were not even listening


Only then his father said that Ramu, you should go and bring four timber and bring them to me and I will tell you some work when Ramu came with four timber and then went to his father and said that father did what I had told you is


When he came in four woods, his father gave one of the four boys a wood and said that the four boys did not break the wood. Now his father gave 4-4 woods to all the boys and said that break but this time The timber was not broken


Only then did his father explain that if we all are together then no one can defeat us and if we are alone then no one can beat us. So if we have to stay together then we can do many things and if we If we can not live together then we will not have any work
village story in english, Therefore, it is said that there is power in unity, the four boys apologized to each other and said that from now on we will work together and we will not call anyone big and small and in the work of the father, the four girls together with their own work gone

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