Bloody mary queen real story

Bloody mary queen real story

Bloody mary.jpg

Bloody mary queen real story

bloody mary story, bloody mary real story, Bloody Mary had kept her fears spread all over the place, Bloody Mary had completely control the brains of the children, first of all, Bloody Mary came in the dreams of children and scared them and then later she would take them with them. It was the fear of Bloody Mary that now the children arrive at their home as soon as evening, there were two sisters in a family, the sister was small and the brother was big, both of them were still small, one day their parents did some workTown were, were both at home,


When the night came, suddenly the rain started, both the sisters were inside and playing in their room, at the same time their mother’s phone came and said that it will take some time to come, so both of you sleep When we reach you, you will tell me, by saying this, the mother kept the phone. Now both of them were going to sleep that there was a shadow on their window, both of them were scared of seeing that shadow.


She was outside the shadow window, she was calling them both to her, both were afraid of seeing him, Bloody Mary was telling her that to come to me, you will give very good things in which you eat and drink a lot I would feel good, but both of them were scared of him, Bloody Mary was flying, seeing her flying, both the boys were scared, Bloody Mary wanted to come in but the children did not open the window,


bloody mary story, bloody mary real story, After a while the children heard the sound of their car, now they felt that their parents had come, when the bloody Mary had disappeared from the window, then the children saw that their parents had come and she They were very happy, both of them would tell about the Bloody Mary, but no one believed her, Bloody Mary still shows them, when she feels that she is coming to him, both of her children No Sector was also both take off earlier today as she is afraid, Bloody Mary’s followed them and make them afraid,

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