Best king and queen stories

Best king and queen stories


king and queen stories

Best king and queen stories, Once upon a time, a king and a queen were going to the forest to play hunting. The King and the queen went very far in the play-hunting game, and both the King and the queen separated when the queen went to the forest to play the hunt.


There was a sadhu Maharaj sitting there and the queen did not look at them and he treated the sadhu Maharaj as an animal and turned the arrow as soon as the queen started the arrow on the sadhu Maharaj, then the sadhu Maharaj started to become unconscious.


Only then the queen saw that this sadhu Maharaj ji has got an arrow so in such a way Sadhu Maharaj punished the queen that from now on you will remain in the form of a pigeon because you have committed a sin that you will get the punishment of that sin.


Queen apologized for his mistake but Sadhu Maharaj said that you can get rid of your lot when you donate one donation, then you will be free and you are given a donation to the poor in order to donate you. When you give this donation, then you will become queen from the papal and by saying this way Sadhu Maharaj went away from this world


Finding the Queen When the king was very upset in the forest, he thought that the queen might have gone to her palace and thinking like this, she walked towards her palace when the queen saw that she was walking towards the palace palace. The pigeon was made and


The king went flying along with the king when he reached the palace, the queen did not get there, but found the queen not found. The king was upset and sent his soldiers to see that the forest was fully visible but when the soldiers returned Even when the queen was not available, the king became disturbed and gradually became sick


On the other hand, the queen who had become a pigeon also used to sit on the roof of the palace and thought that one of the grains I have to put in one hand is in the hands of a poor person. It is a big problem, and in this way, she started giving donations to the poor gradually.


Whenever King’s palace I slept at night, the two pigeons were sitting on the top, looking at the king, but he could not even tell them that I was a dove due to a curse when several months passed and pigeons donated a hundred Then gave the tomb turned into a queen and returned to her palace.


Best king and queen stories, The king saw the queen and said that you have been saying for so many months, then she told me that a saint had punished him, because of which the pigeon was made, the worries of the king also began to worsen, both the Queen and the king began to rejoice in the palace.

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