That fear, any horror story in english

any horror story in english

That fear

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Horror story

That ghost was very scared, we had never seen it before, that was the night when my friend had come to my house, both of us had gone to our village on that day, the next day we both would also come back. It was the first to go alone,


But going alone was not something good, so I had also called my friend along with us, both of us went out of the village as well, when we both came to the village, then there was evening, going to my village was very much It was only less, this time it came in his village after a long time,


When both of us ate the meal then my friend and went to sleep on the terrace in the house, electricity also came in the village less in the summer, so it was good to sleep on the terrace, light breeze was also going on that day, After a while we slept, my friend got up at midnight and saw that someone standing on the terrace,


He made me a voice and said, who is it, I also saw him, but I could not understand anything, he just stood up and said nothing, we asked him who he was, he did not say anything , Both of us went to him, he had disappeared, seeing us, we both were scared, and both of us went down, we told this thing but nobody had believed in it,


Even today, we are very scared of thinking about this thing, it has been a lot of years today, after that we have reduced our village very little, maybe even the fear is still there, even if they do not come in front of me, some fears It is very difficult to forget.

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