amazing knowledge, power of the mind

Amazing knowledge

power of the mind

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amazing knowledge

amazing knowledge, power of the mind, Our brain is very fast; Many people have very little information about the brain. There are many things in our brain that are never ending, so we can say that our brain runs faster than the computer


This is a very important part of the man’s body. The human brain is 10% larger than the brain’s mind, an adult human brain weighs around 1400 grams.


Our brain makes up to 25 watts of electricity, so that a small led bulb can burn.


Our brain size is decreasing and our brain never feels any pain.
The weight of Albert Einstein’s brain was less than the normal person but his brain was more active than the person


Brain always needs water up to 80% if our body lacks water then our brain does not work much. Most of our brain works at night.


The development of our brain increases by 95% for five years and it grows fully for 18 years


amazing knowledge, power of the mind, If you liked the information related to brain, then share this information further and comment on it.

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