Afraid of ghosts scary stories

Afraid of ghosts scary stories

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Afraid of ghosts scary stories

scary stories and ghost stories, They are afraid of the ghosts, their being and their true events. Because of me an incident has happened with me that tells me the truth about being a ghost. This incident happened to me when I was 9 years old. My name is Ashok Kumar and I am a resident of Noida Uttar Pradesh. I used to love watching films of Bhutan very much. But I never thought that it could ever happen to me as well. As I used to see films I often That event is still remembered. I go a lot and I feel like it is not a very old one but it is happening tomorrow. This is the fear of ghosts.


Today I am 20 years old and I live in Mumbai. I love my family so much that I have never even told my family about this incident till date. I was playing Ground with my few friends on that time in the evening. It was too late for us to play, and darkness was too much. Since our house was near, we used to play that ground for a long time. Around the ground there was a very old hospital. In which no one else was coming, he was left alone without any reason. There were no doctors and no patients, so only silent voice and nothing else.


The hospital seemed like it was supposed to be a ghost or a lioness. Because of that sometimes some strange people used to come out of poverty. We were distracted by the fact that even the big ones used to shy away from him. One day we were playing all the children playing cricket and our ball went inside the hospital. He had hair, he told me Ball Lane, because his ball was from me that hospital I I first denied it by going inside, but after I was afraid to beat myself, I had to go inside that hospital. I went into the wreck of his wall, his wall was very small, so I got in.


As soon as I went inside I realized something strange, it felt as if someone touched me, but there was no one except me besides me. All the children were standing outside his gate. Nobody came in with me. I figured I was looking for the ball, but I could not find the ball, because there was a lot of grass on it, due to which the hair was not visible. Only then did I go to a room, whose door was open, I went to him and I found my hair, but that condition was that I saw my senses swept away. Because the wind I was hanging.


scary stories and ghost stories, Seeing this, I was very scared and my friends began to cry. Some friends came in and they also saw what I had seen. We all escaped screaming for no ball there, and since that day, never went near that hospital. That is why it is said to be afraid.

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