Story of magician, a story in english

a story in english


a story in english

Story of magician

a story in english, One day a magician came to show magic in the village after seeing the magician all the people first saw his magic and after that the magician was making fun of him when the joke was being made, then the magician got very angry and he said that I I will make that you can not think


All the people began to say that the magician does not have any magic, it just makes a fool. It is not a magic, it is only a blind eye. Then when the night is over, the magician thought, what village should teach a lesson, otherwise it is Will continue to make fun of my magic.


The next day when the magician came to the village, he made a man a donkey and seeing all this, all the villagers were scared and began to say, Are you a great magician but the magician said that now I will punish everyone by one by one


The magician used to do his magic as he used to speak his mantra, which used to come out with some strange powers which transformed the person’s form. He gradually changed everything, there was a very clever man in the village.


When he saw that the magician was getting heavy on our village and hurting everyone, he took out a trick to teach the magician a lesson when the magician was doing his own magic, then that person came there and got his hands In one hand, with a piece of glass in his hand, he stood there secretly.


The magician started to say that if you do not stop all this, then I will make you something or something. The magician began to laugh what you will create. I am a magician. You are not a magician. And turned upside down in the magic magician


a story in english, He also became an animal, then the man caught the magician and said that now tell how all can be treated, then the magician said that there is a medicine in my room that everyone will be cured by drinking and you also get me cured. In this way, he cured all the persons and he also cured the magician and the magician apologized to all and went away from there.

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