two brother home story in english

Two brother home story in english

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two brother home story in english

two brother home story in english, This is what every household has to say in the house. All of them are in the house. Two boys used to live in a family. They had their father’s clothes shop; both boys used to work with their father, all of them were together They never had any fight,


Both boys were married, everything was going well, then one day the guests came here, and they were very happy to see them all together, the guest said that your family lives together, if all the people are so How good is it to stay, but it does not happen


After a few days after her departure, the younger’s wife said that we have nothing left in the amount of money we get, and all the money is over. After hearing this, the little boy went to his father and said that we and our wealth We need not live in it


Dad said that just as we earn, only the house can run for some savings; we have to work harder and we will be able to save more, listening to Dad, he said to his wife but his wife said that maybe big He never asked brother so much.


After that the younger brother went to the elder brother and said that you save more and we do not have anything left to hear that big brother said what you think, he replied that you save more often so you have ever complained to your father Not that,


The elder brother left the house the next day and went away and his father said that you have not done this good. Your elder brother could not save anything and he gave all the money he had given at the expense of the hare, heard it at his own fault Sorry but now nothing can be done.

two brother home story in english, There are so many changes in our lives that we must be influenced by this, so we should never be impressed by it, if you liked this story, we would also share it further.

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