Moral stone story in english

Moral stone story in english

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moral stone story in english

moral stone story in english, One stone was lying on that road, he used to see everybody coming and going every day, even in the letter that he too could see the world with his own eyes, but this could not happen because he was shaken from his place. Could not even.


One day some monks came to that road and their eyes fell on that stone and they saw that the letter could say that Sadhu ji asked you how long you have been here, that stone replied that there was also man in the But due to some of my actions, I had made a stone, which was made of stone, when I used to say it many times, when he said many times, he said that when a saint like me will come on this path and talk to you You’ll become a man a few days later.


Today you are talking to me, it will be fine after a few days. It has been many years since I heard the voice everyday but no one has listened to my voice and today you have heard my voice, then the sadhu asked him happened.

Because of which you made stone, then that stone said that on this road one day a sadhu Maharaj had come and playing with stone in the stone, only then that stone monk was taken and the sadhu ji said that you should not play with them,


I said to the sadhu ji that there is no life in them and I do not have any wrong in doing so, only then the sadhus say that till you can not understand the price of anyone, unless you spend their life, then they made me stone And said that when a monk like me will come and listen to your voice then you will become a human


Moral stone story in english, So friends should spend their lives in very good work and should not say no to anybody, do not know who said but when it comes to work, if you liked this story then share it further and tell us also.

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