Good simple story for kid

Good simple story for kid

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Good simple story for kid

the story for kids, simple story for kid, Once the wind in the village was suddenly running very fast, probably for the first time it was so that the wind was very fast, all the villagers were repairing the roof of their house, after some time the rain started with wind And the villagers started preparing for sleeping in their house,


The rain continued throughout the night and when the rain stopped in the morning, all the people came out and saw that many asses came in that village, so many donkeys did not know that everyone came and saw them, nobody understood anything. What was done.

Make a plan together by all that we all keep each and every donkey with us and will do all our work, all the villagers did the same but nobody thought that so many donkeys came from, all were said People walked with their asses and brought home to work, all of them were taking full work from the asses,


After two days, all the asses turned into cats and they stolen from here on the village, stealing the cat went to their master, who was the owner of those asses, all the villagers were disturbed because their house was stolen and Their asses were all missing.

After a while he came to the magician and said that all of you are stupid, who kept my sent ass with him, all of which was the magic trap in which all of you were trapped, saying this, the magician went away from him and all the villages.


the story for kids, simple story for kid, They started to regret their mistake, so friends say that we should never get trapped in greed, if we are getting any benefit, then we should examine it thoroughly so that no one should take any decision. If you liked this story then share it further and tell us also.

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