Good Children’s Moral Stories

Good Children’s Moral Stories

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Good Children’s Moral Stories

children stories, Some of the children were talking about each other, that we would play the game here, which we would love very much, all the kids were thinking, what is that game, which comes to us all, all the children started thinking that we All can play different games, if we play that game, which does not come in us, then we may have trouble,


All the children were sitting together at the same time, can it be that we all played the same game, but this could not have happened, May said that if we keep thinking like this then the time will pass, They will not play, the time has come for them to think, now the night had happened, they could not play any game, why was this happened,


May said everything was right, it was a mistake that we played a game where all the kids knew some game or not, it is not necessary that we play all the games, it is necessary, whatever we played, He played very well, May had told everyone this thing, if the time has passed, then we can not do anything,


Therefore, children should use their time, whatever work you will do during the time, they will be very good, that work will definitely come to your work, you should definitely take care of this, if you liked this story then please share it further and we will Also,


Speak tree small stories for kids

you listen to a story which you have never heard of, so children very carefully listen to this story, after this story you will get some information, so that you can take a lot of correct decisions in your life, let your story Let’s go, all of you baby listen carefully,


There were two children in a village, they did not consider anything to anyone, they did not fulfill any work they were given, both of them used to be the same, even in school they never used to work. One day the school teacher came home with their complaint, she said that both of these children do not even work, and never listen to anyone’s talk, if it continues, then it will not do anything in life,


After the teacher’s leave, both the children were very much understood, but they did not listen to anyone, one day their father said that you should not go near that tree, there is a ghost on it, which catches the children Both the children did not listen and went to that tree, both for a while, standing near that tree, then after some time the voice came from that tree, said the tree, who is standing here, both children hear this sound and escape Got it,


But the two children could not run, because someone had caught their hands, maybe it was the ghost of the tree, this time both the children were very scared, they made a lot of noise, but no one had listened to it, the tree said that you You do not listen to anything, so no one is listening to you, children were scared too much,


 Now both of the children said to the tree that we would leave you, we will not do it in the future, the tree had left them, they went home and told this story, everyone laughed, after that day they never bothered anyone So, children should take care of this too, you should also obey your elderly, and should complete your work on.


The story of that boy

This is the story of those children who were very disturbed, the children were making frequent noises, there were many children there, all the children were playing together, the place they were playing, near that place. A man lived, that guy did not like children, when children used to make noise, then they would come to refuse them, whenever the man was seen to the children, the children were very scared,


One day was the day of the Sunday, the children were playing at that place, the children were making a lot of noise, the children also knew that the person also lives nearby, who refuses to raise their noise, when the children’s noise It was not closed at all, the man came, and he scared the children from which he would go to his house, the children saw that man, and escaped from there,


But after some time, the stop came on, there were some other children with Roki, Roki started playing with them, the noise was stopped in the middle, nothing was done for some time, but some late The man had come again, he did not know the person who stopped, because he stopped for the first time,


That man said why you are making noises, you can not play comfortably, Roki said that this will not happen from now on, and the man went in. When the person went inside, the thief had come here, The thief had shut the man inside, the ball of the ball went inside, he stopped to see if he had two thieves, who had kept the man,


The block called some people, and the thieves were caught, thus the man thanked the stop, because the thieves had been caught because of the blockade, after that day that man had never forbidden the children, in this way Poke used to play there every day, sometimes the man used to play with those children too,

cave story dogs

When a dog goes to that cave, he thinks that this cave is very big, but he did not know about this place at all, because he came to this cave for the first time, this cave was empty from the end. No one came here for a long time, the name of this dog was Muku, Muku had come away from his master, when Muku was beaten by his master, when Muku came here from there, Muku was very sad today, First time he was away from my master.


When Muku was very young, he was close to his master, today Muku was beaten up, because he had broken his brother’s very compassionate relationship, due to which Muku was beaten, Muku left his house It was here, the muku has nothing to say about this cave, he has come here, but what will Muku do here, he himself does not even disclose,


After some time, Muku saw that another dog was coming, Muku asked who are you, he said that in that I have been living here for a lot of years, this has been a lot of time in this cave, and you have What you are doing in the cave, muku told the whole story, after that he said the dog is fine, you can live with me, remain alone in anyway,


 After a while, Mookoo sounded, who is giving me a voice, no one is known in my name, Muku came out, and saw that he is my boss, seeing his muku, his boss was happy, Muku also saw his master, Muku and his master kept watching each other, the master told Muku that now he goes home, I should not have killed you, this way both of them went home together,


best short stories for grade 4

This story belongs to children who used to study in Grade 4, it is a day, some of the students of this grade 4 went to the hill to play, this hill was coming to play only for years, this hill It was very high, it was not easy to be picked up, so some children were talking about whoever would climb up to the top of the hill, he would feel better, and all the children would consider him as great , All children try to hear this Were taken,


The hill was very high, it was not easy to ascend, some children climbed and fell, no one was able to climb up to the top, Jonish, thought that no one would climb up, He could do all the work very easily; Jonish climbed his entire hut and climbed the hill, now was the janosh, which went up to the top, now all the children had to obey the zoning, but none of the genes Did not like


The Jonish, used to do all the work from all the children, and he was enjoying his life very much, the joystick could now do everything, the Jonish, sometimes ate lunch for some children, all the children were disturbed by the joystick. , And wanted to chase after the zonies, the janissi was feeling very good, some children came to the zodiac, those children told Jonish, that now we will not talk about you,


The jonish was now angry, some junkies had beaten some children, and some children started a plan after being disturbed, and one day to give a lesson to Jonish, a dog was thrown behind the jonni, on that day After that, Johnny had never bothered anyone, so children should never bother anyone, everyone should be together,

Good Children stories with moral

 Monu was playing with his friend, at the same time came an ice cream salesman, the ice cream called some children to him and said that today’s ice cream is very cheap, kids can eat all the ice cream today. Yes, Monu was wondering why it was selling very cheap ice cream with ice cream today, Monu was thinking that his friend said that let us also eat ice cream.


Monu told his friend that we should think of why he is selling cheap ice cream, but Monu’s friend did not think of anything and went to take ice cream, after some time Monu came with ice cream, Monu just saw those kids The ice cream that was taking ice cream was very happy today, Monu’s friend had just slept after some time, when Monu saw that his friend was asleep, now Monu had understood everything,


It was not a ice cream but a thief, who wanted to take the children with him, Monu was not able to see any solution, only then Monu ran away from it and wanted to call some people from outside, so that he could catch that thief Some people got to Monu, and they told him everything, all the people went in and the thief was captured, thus Monu saved all the children, in this story, the moral is that you talk about someone Not come needed.


 First of all, we need to listen to the point and understand the point, when we will listen to the matter fully, then only we will reach a decision, we should be cautious every time, If you have a similar story then you can send that story to us, if you like, we will publish your story here.

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