chotu magic stories for kids

chotu magic stories for kids magic stories for kids, magical stories in english, Children love to see magic One day a magician came to show his magic in the park, all the kids went to see the magic, the magician was showing his magic, all the kids were playing palpitations, the magician was very good It… Read More »

true magic pot story in english

True magic pot story in english magic pot story in english, real magic stories, Everyone was searching for that magical pot, no one was able to find that vessel, this is the point when he got the man who had this magical pot and he ran away with that vessel, one day’s It is a matter… Read More »

two brother home story in english

Two brother home story in english two brother home story in english, This is what every household has to say in the house. All of them are in the house. Two boys used to live in a family. They had their father’s clothes shop; both boys used to work with their father, all of them… Read More »

Moral stone story in english

Moral stone story in english moral stone story in english, One stone was lying on that road, he used to see everybody coming and going every day, even in the letter that he too could see the world with his own eyes, but this could not happen because he was shaken from his place. Could… Read More »

Good simple story for kid

Good simple story for kid the story for kids, simple story for kid, Once the wind in the village was suddenly running very fast, probably for the first time it was so that the wind was very fast, all the villagers were repairing the roof of their house, after some time the rain started with… Read More »

Good story of king and queen

Good story of king and queen story of king and queen, When the King came back from the war, the people welcomed the king and a festivities were held in the city with great fanfare. The king offered to all the cities that all the people would eat today on the victory of the king.… Read More »

Good king stories in english

Good king stories in english king stories in english, Once, the king of a city called his assistant and said that the minister has said that you only advise the king and nothing else, and the minister has to see all the work himself and the reward which you get Is much more than the… Read More »

भूतो का शहर एक कहानी, bhoot ki kahaniya

bhoot ki kahaniya भूतो का शहर एक कहानी  bhoot ki kahaniya, ये बात उस शहर की है जहा पर केवल भूतो का ही वास है और कोई भी इंसान अगर वहाँ पर ज़िंदा चला गया तो वो कभी भी ज़िंदा वापिस लोट के नहीं आ सकता है बल्कि वो भी खुद एक भूत बन जाता… Read More »

एक गांव की कहानी, hindi stories

hindi stories एक गांव की कहानी ek gaon ki kahani, hindi stories, यह कहानी है उस गांव की है जो अभी भी पूरी तरह से विकसित नहीं हुआ था अभी भी उस गांव में बिजली नहीं थी गांव के लोग अपना सादा जीवन बिता रहे थे   वह खेती करते थे और अपने खाने का… Read More »

छोटू की रेलगाड़ी, hindi stories for kids

hindi stories for kids छोटू की रेलगाड़ी hindi stories for kids, एक दिन छोटू और उसका भाई एक छोटी सी रेलगाड़ी बनाने के लिए बाजार से समान लेकर आया और उसने अपने छोटे भाई के लिए रेलगाड़ी बनानी शुरू कर दी रेलगाड़ी बनाने के लिए उसने एक बोर्ड का इस्तमाल किया ये बोर्ड हार्ड पेपर… Read More »